Three men gathered at Con’s place on the coast to listen to an audio system aspiring to Jay Gatsby’s ideal—‘the unattainable dream’ of perfection—the ideal system in their case, cost no object.
Loudness controls - and all controls that work a similar way, but have proprietary names - cannot work, because they they are based on a misunderstanding of how our hearing works.
Australian Hi-Fi Magazine editor Greg Borrowman interviews Roland Hoffmann, of Dynaudio about the new Contour Series and his plans for Dynaudio's 40th anniversary...
Edward James ‘Ted’ Jordan, the famous British loudspeaker designer and engineer, best- known for his pioneering work with full-range metal-coned drive units, died on 28 June, 2016, following a long illness, aged 87.
It’s traditional to give a key for a 21st birthday, and since this is Redgum’s 21st anniversary year, a key would be particularly appropriate
An expletive-laden interview with one of the most controversial figures in audio; a man his former employer, Linn's Ivor Teifenbrun says is 'full of sh*t.'
Famous acoustics researcher, writer, loudspeaker designer and loudspeaker manufacturer, Roy Allison, aged 88, died on March 1.
Nordost is considered one of the leading cable manufacturers. We talk to Bjorn Bengtsson about copper, silver, and the mysteries of cable design
An Interview with Billy Woodman, ATC Loudspeakers
This article details an easy and effective method to set the volume, crossover frequency and phase controls on your subwoofer to ensure the best integration of its output with that of your loudspeakers
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