The former captain of Australia’s cricket team has been an enthusiastic photographer since he began touring overseas, and his images have been widely used in books and magazine articles. Steve Waugh talks to Paul Burrows about what drives his love of photography.
A Photographer’s Guide To East Palmerston And The Southern Tablelands Waterfalls.
The last 12 months has turned a famine into a feast, and the major camera makers made up for all the delays and disruptions of 2011.
Sun Studios Digital Printing Workshop
The first exports of Australian-made Hanimex slide projectors were to the United Kingdom
A common sight in any garden with flowering plants, bees make great subjects, but there are also plenty of challenges. Karon Swan outlines her approaches and techniques.
The member magazines of the Technical Image Press Association group recently met in Cape Town, South Africa, to decide the best imaging products from the last 12 months.
2011-2012 Camera Magazine Imaging Awards
Touch us, pinch us… we’ve gone all digital! iPad and Android editions available on Zinio NOW.
You know you’re getting old when an exhibition of historic cameras includes quite a few models you can remember being launched (and you even still have the press kit). This was the sobering aspect of the JCII Camera Museum’s display at the CP+ Show in Tokyo back in February. The extensive line-up of cameras actually spanned every Japanese-made (or branded) filmless model built until 2007, but it was the earliest forays into electronic imaging that proved the most fascinating.
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