Of all the acts currently kicking in what can arguably be described as the most thriving heavy music scene Australia has scene in recent years, there are two that stand out in particular: Trophy Eyes and Northlane. Riding the highs of their new albums Chemical Miracle and Mesmer, respectively, the Novocastrian emo punks and Sydney mood-metallers are at the height of their careers. They've also both shared a solid handful of stages over the years, too, and that trend will carry on when they both take Wollongong for a spin at the Yours & Owls festival at the end of September. 

Before the festival kicks off, we pitted Northlane frontman Marcus Bridge against Trophy Eyes guitarists Andrew Hallett and Kevin Cross to dive a little bit deeper into the inner workings of both bands. 

First, let's see what Bridge wanted to pick Cross and Hallett's brains on...

What is your dream guitar?
Gibson ES-339.

What made you decide to film the "Chlorine" video in a laundromat?
This was John's idea, which he came up with on the way to band practise one day. We liked the idea of John falling asleep and all of these weird things happening inside of a laundromat.

How did you handle playing the Warped Tour almost every day for three months?
Beers, ciggies and good tucker.

Do you guys write your music as a group, or does someone take the reins?
John and Callum write the majority of the music, and the rest of us just put the final touches on the songs before we all hit the studio.

Snapbacks or dad hats?
Dad hats.

What is your dream lineup?
Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Box Car Racer and Manchester Orchestra.

What style of music would you play if you weren't allowed to play your own?
I personally would like to try folk rock – I'm obsessed with The Lumineers.

If John was sick or injured, who in the band would step up to the plate?
I think we would have to cancel the show.

How many guitar spins can you do in a row?
Depends on how many beers I've had.

Is there any obscure instrument you'd like to put in a Trophy Eyes song and why is it the recorder?
Kanye West.


Flipping the switch, here's what Cross and Hallett were keen to vibe on with Bridge...

What's your favourite thing to mess around with at a guitar shop? 
I'm left-handed so it's usually quite hard to find a guitar to play, so you'll usually find me on an electric drum kit.

How do you go about instruments overseas? 
We fly our guitars and basses with us, and occasionally we'll take kick pedals and a snare depending on the weight allocation. We used to take the big surfboard pedalboards with us, but we've just taken kemper controllers on the last couple of tours.

We see Josh has a new business, how is it to manage while on the road? 
You'll usually find Josh on the phone, making sure everything's running according to plan. He runs Boutique with another friend of ours so he doesn't have to be constantly freaking out on the road. He was on YouTube a lot during this past tour, looking for new products – he's always working very hard!

How many guitar pedals does northlane own? 
Too many! I don't know the exact number, but I think the guitar boards have ten-to-12 pedals each, and eight-to-ten for the bass board. I don't know what's going on with those things, so I stay far away from them. They're literal spaceships to me.

How do you go about making your own pedalboards? 
This would be a question for Josh, but he's an absolute wizard. I think he's rebuilt everyone's pedalboards four or five times in the last couple of years. He's never quite satisfied. 

What's your favourite solo of all time?
I'm going to go with the solo on "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. It's nothing crazy, but I'm all about a solo that has feel over a shredfest. It fits perfectly in this masterpiece of a jam.

What's your favourite place to tour?
Australia is always a good time, but there's a few places that always remind me of home – like London and Toronto.

What's your favourite tucka while on tour?
I'm a fiend for Mexican food as there's so many options, but we also get stuck in to quite a lot of sushi when we're on tour.

How was working with David Bendeth?
Working with David was an amazing experience. I've never worked with someone who has been so passionate about what we do. He pushed us all to our limits in order to get the best and most emotional performances out of us, and I feel I've grown both as a musician and a person after our time with him.

Martie or barbie sauce? 
Barbie, baby!

with ERRA and Sworn In

Thursday October 19th - The Gov, Adelaide
Friday October 20th - 170 Russell, Melbourne
Saturday October 21st - Amplifier Capitol, Perth
Friday October 27th - Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Saturday October 28th - Max Watts, Brisbane

Tix: livenation.com.au

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Saturday September 30th - Sunday October 1st - Stuart Park, Wollongong
Tix: mostix.com.au

Yours & Owls (u18 edition)

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Saturday September 30th - Waves, Wollongong