Is This The Life We Really Want?

Is this the album we really want? First impressions are of a Pink Floyd compilation, so there many sonic soundalikes to be found – not just Waters’ trademark sneer and potty-mouthed sarcasm, either, but beats and arrangements conjuring “Mother”, “Money” or, on “Smell the Roses”, the hook from “Have a Cigar” and middle eight from “Dogs”.

It must be deliberate – he puts actual dog barks on the “Dogs” crib — but hey, if anyone has the right to sound Floydian, it’s Waters. There’s plenty to enjoy as he applies his dark and frustrated humour to a world 25 years removed from the apocalyptic predecessor, Amused To Death.

The title track offers some fresh atonal emphasis and new century themes — a moment of forward momentum on an album which faces his past so squarely, though one that includes impeccable production wriggling with acoustic chatter and audiophilia to make any sound system sizzle.

Review by Jez Ford

Is This The Life We Really Want? is out now via Sony
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