With a new backing band (but traditional ethos), Sepultura founders Max and Iggor Cavalera are finally giving Roots the full-album world tour it's deserved since '96. And this month, it's coming to Australia.
Placebo still play with the same potency, personality and powerful honesty as they did when the band began.
From doughy pop to crushing metal, there truly is something for everyone here
Two of Australia's biggest heavy bands go head to head in this double interview!
The performances themselves left a little to be desired, but The Last Frost is a very welcome addition to Australia's bevy of regional mini-festivals!
"'68 are an ever-evolving and ever-intriguing act that take zero prisoners in the live environment."
Translation: Damn spicy rock’n’roll – which Sydney duo POLISH CLUB deal in ravenous excess. Amidst a national tour on the back of their tooth-rattling debut album, we caught up with frontman and Sheraton fanboy David Novak.
We entered this room with nothing, and we leave it with nothing but love.
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