Bluesfest, as the names suggests, has historically been a freakin’ cornucopia of top flight guitarspersonship and the 2017 event is shaping up to maintain that mighty tradition. With seven stages and over 200 performances over five days in the glorious surrounds of Byron Bay it's easy to be spoiled for choice: and that's why we've gone through the artists announced so far and pulled out a few that you'd be mad to miss – some new faces, some downright legends, and some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.…
It was one of those evenings where you knew you'd go home smelling like someone that'd run a marathon in a brewery.
In some cruel twist of fate, Sydney and Halestorm had to sweat through one of the hottest nights of the summer, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.
Despite being their eighth one in fifteen years, Every Time I Die just might have put out their best album yet. We caught up with shredder Andy Williams to find out how Low Teens reinvigorated the hardcore heroes. By Matt Doria
Melbourne musician Harts belongs to a musical family tree that includes the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Prince. If he’s making music this great this early into his career, we’d all better keep an eye on him. By Peter Hodgson
Analogue equipment and improvisation? Tosin Abasi is opening up a new chapter in the Animals As Leaders handbook. By Peter Zaluzny
With Shirley Manson's unapologetic 'you do you' mantra leading the charge, the show quickly grew into one of those wonderful nights of shameless self-expression, on stage and off.
When you hear a brief history of Deftones in one sitting, it's easy to see why they've held onto so many fans, after transcending the bonds of nu-metal.
Stonefield’s second album is bolder and more confident than their already-great debut. Australian Guitar caught up with guitarist Hannah Findlay to talk studios, SGs and Voxes.
Steven Wilson returns to Australia with his most elaborate and expressive live production yet.
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