Love. Empathy. Autonomy. Are these the fundamental principles of what it is to be human? And what happens when these begin to crumble, do we fall into a mindless existence at the hands of others as we lose the ability to feel and think for ourselves? Muse explore personal questions in a greater social context on what may be the first concept record of their career.
How two brothers turned six strings into a 45-year boutique guitar business.
From pubs to theatres, The Dillinger Escape Plan have had one hell of a journey over 20 storied years. And for their last ever jaunt Down Under, we caught them in both atmospheres.
Australian Guitar’s Jez Ford catches up with beloved shredder Steve Hackett to talk about 40 years of prog-rockin’ across the globe and revisiting the classic Genesis catalogue.
Brisbane’s trailblazers are reinvigorating punk, and they’re doing it on their own terms.
Evan Stanley's dad is pretty well known, but The Dives have the songs and chops to stand on their own without a silver platform-booted leg up.
With her next set of jams starting to take shape, Australian Guitar dives into the ever-evolving mind of punk goddess Laura Jane Grace.
You'll never find anyone with a bad word to say about Walter Trout. A true blues survivor with nearly 50 years of professional musicianship under his belt, Walter has played the blues with everyone. And on We're All In This Together, a whole bunch of friends have chipped in to make what could well be the album of his career.
It's the upbeat album of 2017, thematically, but it's built around feeling utterly awful. How did​ Royal Blood get so dark!?
With fire in their eyes and whisky in their bellies, Bare Bones go all in on Bad Habits.
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