The Fender Custom Shop is the place where guitarists’ wildest dreams come true. Craig Carroll caught some time with Custom Shop CEO Andy Mooney for a chat.
Though we may never know what we did to warrant a 24-year break between tours, for many this was a lifelong dream realised: one of the last surviving Beatles bringing his colossal three-hour show to Oz.
Love. Empathy. Autonomy. Are these the fundamental principles of what it is to be human? And what happens when these begin to crumble, do we fall into a mindless existence at the hands of others as we lose the ability to feel and think for ourselves? Muse explore personal questions in a greater social context on what may be the first concept record of their career.
How two brothers turned six strings into a 45-year boutique guitar business.
This XR6 Falcon looks great in the pictures, even better in the Show’N’Shine-winning flesh. Yet the reasons it so shines are rooted in a fourth dimension — time…
With Senators out on the street for dual nationality, here’s one that’s not only all-Aussie, it was born (and now reborn) to be out on those streets, where it belongs…
Ari White and Andrew Livingstone-Squires are consistently ruthless in their string abuse, trading sour chugs and whistling solos to their cold hearts’ content.
Son Little tackled the dreaded ‘sophomore curse’ by accidentally stumbling across a whole new vein of inspiration when he thought he’d already finished writing.
Since signing to UNFD in July, western oz rippers Cursed Earth have dropped two punishing EPs and toured them relentlessly around the country. And that’s just the beginning.
There is nobody better to keep Frank Zappa’s music alive than the ridiculously talented guitar-playing fruit of Frank’s own ridiculously talented loins.
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