With hype starting to brew for BIGSOUND 2017, we take a look back on our favourite moments from last year's showcase.
The album that began with Pond walking into the studio and realising they didn't have enough guitar gear.
Teri Gender Bender talks us through ten years of Le Butcherettes, and why she still turns to the same subject matter that inspired her as a teenager.
The guitars were front and centre, bolstered by a tri-amp attack that provided the biggest, crunchiest wall of Drop-D chord stabbing imaginable.
Fifty straight minutes of pits, riffs and tears. What a night.
Film is alive! Recent announcements from Kodak Alaris and Ferrania show that camera film may be riding on the wider analogue resurgence.
Mark Seymour And The Undertow recast classics and future classics in an innovative new live record.
When it comes to donning a cowboy hat and a six-string, this ain’t Chris Shiflett's first rodeo. By Emily Swanson
Tassie's punk royalty finally makes it to the big stage.
Ruark Audio's R1 — the creation story: a chat with Ruark’s Alan O’Rouke. And dog.
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