If you have any multi-disc CD sets where the CDs have been kept apart by thin slivers of foam they're probably unplayable, and you won't be able to replace them... even for hard cash...
I recently attended the launch of a yet another ‘me-too’ product attempting to out-Sonos Sonos that offered all the modern digital inputs you could want... but the demo made me want to rush out and buy a turntable...
It could only happen in the hi-fi business, which feeds on fads.
A confession. I now have a Spotify account… and not a paid one. I have the free one. Mind you, I’m not exactly happy that I have a Spotify account at all...
Australian Hi-Fi Magazine has been a whipping post for thousands of audiophiles over the nearly half-century it’s been around, but with the internet, as well as print editions, the lashings are becoming more frequent.
Does the type of music played in a café (or restaurant) have any bearing on customer satisfaction and return-visit rates? Editor Greg Borrowman pondered this question on a recent visit to the Blue Mountains.
The pundits are wrong. High-end sales are not in decline. They've never been better. The contrary is true. Hi-end sales are stronger than they've ever been.
I hate to break it to you fans, but Johnnie Ray is dead, and most so-called ‘hi-res’ tracks are not ‘hi-res’ at all, but rather a complete waste of your money and Internet bandwidth
If there’s one thing in audio that enrages me more than any other, it would have to be the so-called ‘Compressed Music Enhancers’ that manufacturers are building into their products. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!
Maybe it was a bit late in the day, or maybe it was just because it was Apple, but I suddenly found myself annoyed with Apple for its temerity in using the word ‘radio’ to describe its new iTunes service
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